Diversity management and conflict negotiation for inclusive public services. A web-based training resource for the management (InPluServ) project aims to develop an offer of professional training, accredited at the European level, specific for Public Administration managers, in digital format, focused on Diversity Management themes.

Diversity Management implies a strong commitment on the part of those who have roles of decision and management of organizational processes and is not a simple process free from resistance and missteps. The internal work environment, starting with the managers, must in fact have the necessary skills in listening, reading needs, communicating as well as managing and negotiating conflicts which, in the first phase of enhancing diversity, will tend to increase. In addition, the interventions must be placed within the specific organizational and territorial reality. To do this, very significant skills in reading organizational contexts and of a relational and communicative nature are required. As well as the ability to manage participatory and shared processes.

European Comission / Erasmus+ Programme (KA2020-VET-3138F09D). 2021-2024 

, Molas Castells Núria Galván Fernández Cristina
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